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Assignment 2: Web Site Analysis and Redesign Summary (20%)

Web Site Analysis and Redesign Summary of Oscar’s Art Books

Visit the URL A local, independent bookseller (no doubt with a small budget), Oscar’s Art Books has some difficulties with their website content and content structure, web design, and navigation design. Your task is to write a 2-page analysis of these elements and include your suggestions for improvement. Please read and follow the instructions below carefully.

Content Analysis/Needs Assessment

In one page only, conduct your analysis of the Oscar site. Who is it for and what is the site’s purpose? Then analyze the site’s web content, IA (Information Architecture), and ND (Navigation Design). What are the main issues with the site? What do you notice about the content and how it is written? Use short, focused paragraphs to explain what you think they are lacking/the principle issues of the site.

Suggestions for Improvement

Then, also in one page only, summarize your suggestions for improving the site in directly structured, hierarchically organized bullet form lists. Explain how you would improve their content and reorganize their information structure and navigation to enhance usability and highlight their purpose. Also explain how you would solve whatever other content and design issues you identified in the initial analysis/needs assessment.

The Fine Print

  • Submit in Class 3 (on paper, one two-page assignment)
  • Include your name and student ID, the assignment number, and a title for the assignment

Assignment 3: COMM1110 Web Content Project (25%)

Your Task:

You need to write three pages of web copy for your client’s fairly simple website. You also need to create a site map to show how you’d lay out the navigation and information architecture of the site. You should also consider image selection for the site. Keep yourfocus on writing clear, concise, user focused web content, not on web design.

Make up any details you need to about the company (name, location, history, philosophy, etc.) and their products/services OR you can use the client brief below.

The Fine Print:

You will hand in a printed, stapled Word document that includes

  • three pages of core web copy (one must be the site’s home page)
  • your site map demonstrating what other pages the site would have and how they would be arranged
  • images you’d use (integrated into the text as best you can to represent what the site would look like)
  • a short “client brief” similar to that below (ONLY if you choose your own idea)
  • Assignment 4 (SE0) – completed on a separate hand out.


ü  Keep content  clear, concise, conversational, and credible

ü  Ensure information is clearly chunked and web-friendly

ü  Use clear headings and sub-headings for each section

ü  Use relevant images

ü  Underline text to show links

ü  Ensure grammar and punctuation is correct

ü  Keep your focus on the site content more than web design

The Client Brief

What They Do & Who It’s For

Your client is a small software company (5-15 employees) that is starting to gain traction in the industry and needs a website to showcase their data recovery software and anti-virus products.  They’ve mostly operated by word of mouth up until now, but realise they’re missing a large portion of clients who expect to find downloadable software products online.

At a later date, they want their website to be able to include e-commerce capabilities for clients to purchase and renew licenses etc., but right now they simply want to promote three core products, as well as their 24/7 technical support services (data recovery, software installation, information protection, basic hardware issues, etc.).

Their closest competition is Horizon Data Systems or a larger company like Norton/Symantec, but their target market is small to medium businesses (rather than large corporations) in any industry – basically anyone who needs anti-virus and data recovery software, but doesn’t have their own in-house IT specialists. Right now, they sell the products from their office in Vancouver.

What They Like and Want

The owners of the business tells you that she likes the style, tone, look, and feel of sites like Tesla Motors, 6S Digital Marketing, or Digital Alchemy, but realises that her company’s website has to be tailored to their specific audience. She gives you leeway to present your ideas in terms of site content, architecture and navigation. She also wants the site to be optimized.


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