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“What Happens in an Internet Minute”

Ever wanted to know what happens on the Internet in the time it takes to boil an egg? I came across this fascinating (and somewhat overwhelming in terms of the data) infographic and an enlightening article by Krystal Temple on the Intel website. It’s incredible to think how much we’re downloading, sharing, buying, etc. through the web, if this is all that happens in 60 seconds….

What happens in 1 minute on the Internet



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“Why I’m Quitting Facebook” by Douglas Rushkoff

Somewhat ironically, I came across this article via a Facebook friend. It raises very important questions about our data and what we share online – but not in the usual ‘be careful of your private data’ kind of way. Rushkoff tackles the policies of Facebook itself – the ones we agree to when we sign up to use it and what that means in a wider sense.

Take a read. It’s definitely thought-provoking. And more than a little scary.


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Canadian Culture Consumption Online

I came across this interesting study by Statistics ¬†Canada on demographic differences in Internet usage, in relation to ‘consumption of culture’. It’s a very in-depth study, but well worth checking out for some intriguing observations, particularly around how older generations are closing the gap with younger Canadians when it comes to using the Internet.

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Canadian Connectedness: An Infographic from 6S Marketing

Infographic on Search StatsThe source of this inforgraphic is 6s Marketing.

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Did You Know? The Top 12 Websites from 2001, 2007 and 2012

Using the InternetHow we use the web has definitely changed over the years, and sometimes (because things change so fast), it’s hard to think back to the state of the web eve a few years ago.

I came across an interesting article on the Social Talent website that talks about the Top 12 websites from just over a decade ago, five years ago, and then currently. has some great information about website popularity, but what I find interesting about this article is that it shows us more of a web timeline.

Can you guess what the top sites were in 2001? 2007? and today?

Test yourself. Then check your answers.


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Poll: What websites would you like to write?


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Web Pages that Suck

Looking for examples on what NOT to do? Check out Web Pages That Suck. It’s been around for a long time, and although a lot of the commentary is about the design (i.e. in terms of the more technical HTML and CSS etc.), the site points out issues of navigation, integration (or a lack thereof), stale content, and overall misses between purpose and audience.

You can browse the archives, but it’s worth looking at Worst Websites of 2011 for inspiration.


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New Cyberwar Treaty

I came across this interesting article on Yahoo today:

“The United States and Australia will announce cooperation on cyber warfare as the close allies mark 60 years of a defense treaty by tackling 21st-century threats, officials said Wednesday.

US and Australian foreign and defense ministers will add the issue to their joint security treaty during talks Thursday in San Francisco, where the nations first signed the agreement in 1951, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. ”

For more, see¬† the full article titled “US, Australia to take up cyber war in treaty“.

What are your thoughts?


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Poll: Where do you spend your time online?

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