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Using Operators to Find Keyword Popularity

An alternative or perhaps companion to keyword research tools, operators can help you identify the popularity of certain keywords and keyword phrases when you are optimizing a site.

Operators =  words you type in the search field before the KWs to help determine competition.

1) Allintitle This operator tells you how many web pages globally have the same keywords listed in their title tags.

E.g.  “Allintitle: thai restaurants” is typed into the search field. The SERP then reports back that 744,000 web pages on the web contain both these words in their title tag.

Using Operators for SEO

2) Intitle: This works the same way as Allintitle, but shows all web pages that list any of the keywords. So in the example above, if you used “intitle:” instead of “allintitle:” the SERP would reflect all websites that contained either the keyword “thai” OR the keyword “restaurants” in their title tags.

3) Allinanchor: This operator allows you to see how many links on the web are using the specific keywords.

I prefer to use keyword research tools like Keyword Planner for SEO, but these are definitely good to know!

PS – Google is going to be changing its Adwords Keyword  Tool to Keyword Planner soon. I’ve written about the changes and how they compare on my company blog if you’re interested.


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Content: There’s an App for That?

Is this the future of web content writing?

I came across a new web app called Inbound Writer that bills itself as the “first social writing application”. It combines a keyword search tool, SEO prompts, a text editor and social media platforms. As a writer, I’m not sure how I feel about it. It comes across as a DIY writing with SEO tool, which is most definitely useful. I do wonder about the impact it has on the quality of the writing.

What are your thoughts?

It’s also worth checking out the company that produced this tool, Eightfold Logic, as they have a link tool and an SEO tool too.



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Keeping Track of Your Site Links

Lateral-Linking Table

 The lateral-linking table will help you keep track of embedded lateral links and ensure that, if your site changes, that broken links are repaired or removed.  For example, if a destination page is removed from a site, the table will let you know every embedded lateral link that led to it.  You can then go back to the source pages and remove the (now) broken links.

 Note: If you’re working on a large site, you might find it useful to keep separate lateral-linking tables for each Web site section.


Source page: Web section, title, and URL, if necessary

The sentence or paragraph that includes the link.

Destination page:

Web section, title, and URL, if necessary

Date link created

Date link removed



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