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“Why I’m Quitting Facebook” by Douglas Rushkoff

Somewhat ironically, I came across this article via a Facebook friend. It raises very important questions about our data and what we share online – but not in the usual ‘be careful of your private data’ kind of way. Rushkoff tackles the policies of Facebook itself – the ones we agree to when we sign up to use it and what that means in a wider sense.

Take a read. It’s definitely thought-provoking. And more than a little scary.



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Content: There’s an App for That?

Is this the future of web content writing?

I came across a new web app called Inbound Writer that bills itself as the “first social writing application”. It combines a keyword search tool, SEO prompts, a text editor and social media platforms. As a writer, I’m not sure how I feel about it. It comes across as a DIY writing with SEO tool, which is most definitely useful. I do wonder about the impact it has on the quality of the writing.

What are your thoughts?

It’s also worth checking out the company that produced this tool, Eightfold Logic, as they have a link tool and an SEO tool too.



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Poll: Where do you spend your time online?

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