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If All Professions Were Paid Like Artists/Writers

If All Professions Were Paid Like Artists/Writers


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August 21, 2013 · 3:11 pm

Survey for Past Pupils: COMM1110

I’d be very grateful if you’d a few short minutes to fill in this survey, if you’ve taken COMM1110 with me in the past.

Thanks so much!

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Downtown Campus Bookstore Hours

The bookstore is open tonight until 6.45pm for you to grab the text needed for this class – the required text is Writing for the Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures, and Sound by Lynda Felder, which accompanies Technical Communication by Lannon, your text for COMM1009.

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The Oxford Comma…

I came across this today. I haven’t managed to find an author or a source to credit yet, but it’s a great cartoon:


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Web Pages that Suck

Looking for examples on what NOT to do? Check out Web Pages That Suck. It’s been around for a long time, and although a lot of the commentary is about the design (i.e. in terms of the more technical HTML and CSS etc.), the site points out issues of navigation, integration (or a lack thereof), stale content, and overall misses between purpose and audience.

You can browse the archives, but it’s worth looking at Worst Websites of 2011 for inspiration.


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Poll: Where do you spend your time online?

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Welcome to COMM1110: Writing for the Web

Welcome to BCIT’s COMM1110: Writing for the Web.

For the next 6 weeks, we’re going to be looking at the core principles of writing for the¬† the web, including how to write focused, SEO-driven web copy.

I’ve set up this blog as resource for the class.It is a place for you to comment, post questions, and access extra resources. Much of the same information will be posted online at, so be sure to check in both places over the next 6 weeks.

Course Information:

Information is not read the same way online as in print. This course teaches students how to express ideas on the Web, how to anticipate the needs of the reader and how to organize and structure information so that it is quickly grasped and navigable, achieving the purpose for which it was developed. Prerequisite: Before taking this course, students must have completed their technical elective (COMP 1850 or COMP 2007 or COMP 2369). Students must also have one of the following English Prerequisites, as well as intermediate word processing skills (MS Word 2007 for Windows): 1) English 12 “C+” or equivalent ; or 2) COMM 0015 score of 70 or better. Students who wish to confirm their English level are strongly advised to take COMM 0015. Students do not need to submit transcripts for entrance to this course. BUT, in the case of formal or informal grade appeals or reviews they will be asked to show proof of their English Prerequisite. (1.5¬†Credits)

Geraldine Eliot

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