Resources & Links

Seeking articles on social media, web writing, and more? Want to know what textbook you need? Look no further…

  • Required text for the class: Writing for the Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures, and Sound by Lynda Felder, 2012. (this comes with your Tech Communication book used for COMM1009).

Lecture 1: Bad, Bad Websites!

Some examples of poor web content:


Lecture 2:

Other bad examples (with poor content, navigation and information architecture):

(for more excruciating examples, check out

Examples of direct-structure architecture:

BC Parks (menu-driven)
Chordie (combined menu-based filtering)
Fraser Institute (menu groups)
Concorde Pacific (link-style menus)
National Football League (very complex)
Examples of unstructured architectures:

Other Resources & Links:

Check out the following blogs and sites for great social media ideas, tips, and information, as well as ideas on how to write a winning blog:

Guy Kawasaki


Seth Godin


Browse these sites for help with Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics:

SEO Book


Keyword Discovery

Google Keyword Tool (if you have trouble accessing this page, you may need to log in using a Google Account)

Google Adwords

Google Analytics


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